Further information can be found from page 34 of the the Ammunition Pocket Book 1924, which describes the markings for QF ammunition. This text also describes the markings found on percussion primers. Page 77 of the Textbook of Ammunition 1936 also describes base stampings found on repaired cases.

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18 pounder shell case markings

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. Shell inlet Shell outlet For lower-diameter shells, use AES type, i German WWII Flak 88mm shell case - 8 88mm shell as used by the Tiger 1, replicated at full size in inflatable vinal 873mm x 111 Dennis_Braendle Dennis. WW1 18 pounder shell case (H29.5cm Dia3.5cm) markings visible on base. With poker. Donated by Howard Davies CONDITION REPORTS See images for more details. Show more. ... British 18 pounder shell case with all its markings dated 1916,no primer very nice condition shiny brass colour found on the famous Somme battlefield of 1916-1918 this would.


Dec 22, 2020 · A MkII 18 Pounder cartridge case passed for inspection on 1st October 1917. I’ve found a reference elsewhere that the conjoined CCS logo is for the Canadian Cartridge Company of Hamilton, Ontario. CF = loaded with a full charge. PSU is a batch code. No doubt others will add further details as there are various other inspection / testing stamps.. Artillery Shell case WWIIBrass shell artillery case 3inch fired with identification markings on base+18 PR II Lot 128 F J ltd. (defense dept arrow)250 / 18 (fuse) R A No.1shell A basic knowledge of terminology will help a collector identify the calibre, origins and use of. 88mm cannon shell 93cm long two part reproduction All wood construction. Full size Impressive visual replica. 10 week delivery We Ship World wide.. Mar 08, 2016 · A Case of ‘The Clanks’ The updated German 88mm FlaK 37 guns added a rather. About markings case british Ww2 shell . The . It was horse drawn throughout the First World War, but had pneumatic tyres fitted in time for WW2. ... figures or any combination of these. The cartridges and artillery The Ordnance QF 18-pounder, or simply 18-pounder gun, was the standard British Empire field gun of the First World War-era. Our.

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster cheats Trainers and cheats for Steam and Xbox Download for Windows 85 MB 7 options Player Unlimited Health. British 18 pounder shell case with all its markings dated 15th May 1917 very nice condition found on the famous Somme battlefield of 1916-1918 this would have been fired during the later battles on the Somme battlefield. £40.00.. This 1917 dated 18pr shell case has a plaque in memory of Ernest 'Cappy' Sinclair.. The shells were loaded in to the 18-pounder field guns used by the Royal Artillery and targeted to destroy German batteries and trenches as well as to shoot down aeroplanes. Horse-drawn field gun, Canal du Nord, France. Taken by First World War photographer David McLellan. Available via the National Library of.

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Shell weighs approx 520 lbe, streamlined base with ballistic cap, and nose and/or base fuse. 21 on. K 12 (S) HE Copper 3 35 35 10 175 Upper band (third band) approx 24 nizs wide. Long vertical serration on two lower bands approx 23 inn wide. Serration on upper band approx 15 mm wide (also 21 em shell may be sane construction of 28 cm.).

73mm - 12 picks APK1H Heavy : These are reproduction WWII German 88mm fuzes All markings are shown in the picture INCLUDING: FLAK 18 , 18M(NAVY AND COAST ARTILLERY),36 , 36M , 37 , 41 , 41KM , L45 : NAVY.

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